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Hair fall, whether it is temporary or permanent goes a lot further than vanity where you have endeavour the loss of confidence and also it is very stressing for everyone. We believe every men and woman deserves her own style. If you have thin hair, baldness or lack of time, a premium wig is a good option. Planet of Hair Cloning is the leading provider and manufacturer of human hair and synthetic hair wigs in Delhi. We also export our exclusive collection of premium wigs to people who are looking for an affordable solution for their hair loss problems.

We believe in providing hair loss solution to our clients; there we are engaged in offering 100% human men hair wigs of high quality. Our clinic has years of experience in dealing with the hair problems of the patients and has many loyal clients who have worn our wigs. Planet of Hair Cloning offers ladies girls straight styler hair which is a dream for every women out there.

What are Hair Wigs?

Wigs are nowadays an accessory worn by many people to change their styles and hide baldness and doesn’t want to opt for painful and invasive surgical methods of hair loss treatment. All you have to do is choose from our extensive range of different types of wigs and get it customised as per your specification to look stunning.

Human Hair wigs – As the name suggests, these wigs are made from the hair of a human donor and are 100% natural which can enhance your confidence and looks astonishing on one’s head. Are you looking to experiment with your hair but don’t want to spend much money that can cause damage to your hair? Hair wigs are the perfect solution so that you can get a break from the daily routine of styling that may be harming your hair. There are many types of human hair wigs depending upon the build of the cap namely full lace wigs, front lace, monofilament wig, hair weft, custom wigs and much more. Human hair wig are by far is the superior choice designed to give you most astonishing and gorgeous looks.

Synthetic Hair Wigs – With technological advancement wigs made from the nylon fibre which is an excellent hairpiece for the women who wants to change their hairstyle for a short time period. The synthetic wigs comes in pre-build styles where can be worn directly while going out, no styling is necessary. Today’s the density and texture synthetic wigs offers is commendable, therefore it has become increasingly popular among many young people to spice up their looks.

Which Type of Wig to Choose?

During wig shopping, one might get overwhelmed and confused because of the various wigs available in the market the oodles styles, colours, texture, construction, material and much more. Understanding the critical difference between human hair wig and synthetic hair wig will make your wig hunting even more fun.

Budget: It is the prime factor that one should keep in mind before picking an ideal wig, a human hair wig is more expensive than the synthetic hair wigs. People who are tight on a budget looking for an affordable way to change their hairstyle instantly can opt for synthetic hair wigs, especially when you are not going to wear the wig every day. Human hair wigs being expensive to provide a complete natural look is the best option for people suffering for hair loss requires wearing a wig every day.


Use: People undergoing cancer treatment, lose all their hair, therefore need a perfect and natural looking wig so that it will not only suit their personality but also seems effortless. Consequently, we recommend our custom made hair wig designed especially for people are per their head contour, size constructed on fine lace cap with natural looking hairline while synthetic wig serves the purpose of a temporary hair change for a special occasion or other events.

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Some More Useful Tips for Caring of Hair Wigs

Maintenance: The human hair wig requires maintenance just like your real hair, where you have to wash, shampoo and dry the wigs’ hair, which can be a tedious task while synthetic wigs don’t need much caring. Also, the human hair wigs are frail; therefore proper care is necessary in order to maintain its longevity while with wigs made from fibre retain their lustre and shine after the wash coming back to their original style.

Climatic Conditions: The harsh weather condition like rain and direct sunlight affects the human hair wig, causing the stands to lose its lustre, go frizz, change or dry out. If you are looking for a wig that retains its style in every weather condition, then synthetic wigs are recommended that holds its form even in worst climate. You can also try out human hair wigs with short hair that holds itself pretty well in most environments and also is quite manageable to help you have a comfortable time keeping your locks in one place. Also, make sure to keep your human hair wig out from the sunlight that can attribute to fading and altering the wig colour.

Longevity: For daily use, human hair wigs are best, which can last up to one year with proper maintenance and care. People who looking for wigs only for short term use can opt for synthetic wigs which last up to 4-6 months. If you want to increase the lifespan of your respective wig, then we advise you not to wear your wig frequently. How often you wash your wig depends on the how many times you are wearing it, which affects the longevity of your wig. You need to clean your synthetic hair wig after every 6-8 wear, but human hair wigs need to be washed more frequently in order to restyle and keep it clean. Remember the more you wear a wig, more regularly you have to clean it that can put stress on the fibres, causing them to break down.

Style: Human hair wigs are quite versatile, where you can change your style the way you want from curling the strands to straightening them using heat styling products. You can also colour and highlight your human hair wigs the way you like with the help of a stylist experienced in handling hair wigs, but same is not the cafe with synthetic hair wigs. It can only be primed, but one cannot style or coloured, as the heat styling products will damage the fibre of the synthetic hair wigs. The ease of wearing free in size wig is that it comes in various styles, texture, colours, and length, which attribute to the advantages of both types of wig.

Why Choose Our Hair Wigs Shop in Delhi?

You can save your natural hair from the damage done by the blow drying, straightening, curling, colouring, styling and much more by wearing our custom wigs. Also, people suffering from hair loss can camouflage their hair loss and adopt a new look by weaving our 100% natural human hair wigs. We also provide alopecia patients with wigs so that they don’t have to feel low on esteem anymore with human hair wigs designed just for them.

The hair wigs price in Delhi depends on what type of wig you are purchasing, for example, a custom wig is more expensive than a full lace wig or an artificial hair wigs. You can choose from our extensive collection of hair wigs according to your needs and requirement without taking a heavy toll on your purse. If you are looking for best hair wigs for parlour in Delhi, then we will provide you with ideal wigs to combat all your hair related issues.

You can visit Planet of Hair Cloning to take a look at the extensive collection of men and women wigs. Do you want curly hair, girl straight styler hair, human hair extensions, men wigs, or a natural color wig? Are you looking for a way to get straight styler hair wig, an upgrade from your natural hair? We are leading exporter and suppliers of the parlour length 20 human hair wigs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who have a requirement to look good or suffering from hair loss. Some experts rely on wigs.

To show some versatility in case of models.

You lost your hair cause of Chemotherapy.

You’re suffering with Alopecia and don’t have any hair ever.

You have more imagination of yourself as wearing a wig.

People usually wear a wig cause of many reasons such as you’re suffering from caner and all hairs fell out; you have bald spots on your head to hide them you use wigs; suffering from alopecia and no hair on head; temporarily you want to change your look for fashion.

We have both synthetic hair wigs & natural human hair wigs. Natural Human Hair Wigs are the better one, the better choice, can be styled easily according to the client’s need whereas synthetic wigs are made from fiber, no such life of wig.

All types of wigs require some maintenance but if you are trained by a hair expert then this procedure you also can do at your home easily.

All hair wigs require some care on daily basis but this time is less than the time you spend on your natural hair.

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