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Hair Wigs in Gurgaon

Hair Wig made up of a cotton base or silicon wig cap foundation in which natural human hairs are weaved which are usually worn to hide baldness or thinning hair that is just like an additional integrated hair cap to not only conceal the baldness but also enhance the confidence of patients by bestowing the hairstyle along comfortable in use.

Purpose of Hair Wigs

best hair patchArtificial natural human hair wigs are used to conceal the baldness by non-surgical hair integration for men as well as women at best price.

Wigs Manufacture in Gurgaon

In hair wig making there are two dissimilar techniques to manufacturer a natural human hair wigs. In hair wig making wig cap foundation was as per the choice of the client like in chemotherapy or wigs for cancer patients are made by special cotton foundation wig cap to get 100% ventilation.

Monofilament Weft Made Hair Wigs in Delhi / Noida

In that category of hair wig, human natural hairs are stitch already in weft which directly attaches by stitching on hair wig cap & from frontal hairline area natural human hairs are weaved by hand-tied technique only remaining region hairs are used by machine weft hair extensions. Advantages of weft hair wigs in Delhi or Noida, It were more than 70% ventilation than normal hair wigs, comfy in worn, natural appearance upshot & these are freestyle hair wigs in which you can make any hairstyle.

Strand by Strand hand-tied hair wigs in Gurgaon

In these human natural hair wigs made by single hairs weaved by hand-tied technique. These mono filament hair wigs are most durable, relaxing in use, stylish natural final result & customized according to your scalp region.

Full Lace or Lace Front human natural hair wigs was the latest & hottest category of hair wig family in which skin look alike silk flexible lace used as a wig cap foundation in which by the hand-tied single hair by hairs are weaved. From the front side, you get the best natural hairline to look alike gradually increasing hairs, you can backcomb these hair wigs, Costly but 100% oxidation as well as flexibility achievable.

Human hair wigs vs. Synthetic or Artificial hair wig in Gurgaon:-

Hair wigs are accessible in both male and women. These can be manufactured by natural human hairs or Synthetic hairs as per the client cost budget as well as the requirement of them.

Artificial or Synthetic hair wigs have least cost, a variety of hairstyle available, hairstyle remains forever, non-washable, least durable. Shiny by nature, not heat resistance, colour not done and available in male along female.

Natural Human Hair wigs are relaxing in worn, most durable, can be coloured, trouble-free washing, spa, smoothing, freestyle by nature ana d you can apply normal hair accessories.

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