Hair Extensions in Faridabad

Hair Extensions in Faridabad

Hair Extension In Faridabad | Permanent Hair Extension In Faridabad

Hair Extensions in Faridabad: Impulsive hairstyles mood is every woman’s pleasure, however, excessive styling of the hair, damage the strands. Hair extensions come in handy when you are looking to have some fun with your hair without causing any harm and potential mess. At Planet of Hair Cloning, we take pride in sourcing the best made from high-quality hair for our hair extensions. We have a wide variety of length and texture for hair extensions so that you can find the most appropriate match for your hair. Get those dreamy long summer beach hair with our collection of hair extensions in delhi.

Other than our hair restoration techniques we also offer you the best permanent hair extensions in Faridabad at an affordable rate. To enhance your look, you can choose from our hair extensions that vary in length, texture and colour. Whether your hair is of one shade or multi-shade, our hair extensions are easy to blend with any hairstyle and colour.

Don’t fall for cheap hair extensions on the market

hair extensions in delhi indiaPlanet of Hair Cloning is the leading provider of hair extensions made from 100% natural human hair remy. Our hair extensions are silky soft and double drawn, ie they are of same thickness from top to bottom.

There are many salons out there who will try to sell you fake and cheap quality hair extensions made from the synthetic fibre. They will try to trap you with low price human hair extensions whose shine will fade away in less time. If the rate is too good to be true, then chances are it is most probably fake.

You will only get what you will see at hair extension centre in Faridabad. If you are having any difficulty in choosing hair extensions, then our professional will help you out. By taking a good look at your hair, we will suggest you the best shade that will go well with your hair. We offer a remarkable range of hair extensions that are ready to wear which suit the blackest hair to deepest brunettes, showcased in stubble fades to darkest ones to create the ultimate natural looks.

Why Choose Hair Extension In Faridabad?

Are you obsessing over that long, wavy hair but your hair won’t have that volume or length. Frets not; there are many hair extensions to suit all hair types at our store. The most prominent ones are used in hair extensions centre in Faridabad area.

hair exteniosn in delhi

Micro ring hair extension – We provide micro ring method of hair extensions which is also called microbead or micro loop extensions. It is perfect for people who are looking for a long term method to lengthen their hair. The hair extensions used in this technique is made from pure human hair that can be styled the way you want. We will apply the hair extensions strand by strand by creating a micro-loop in your existing hair 1 cm away from the scalp. To hold the extension in their place, we use silicone lined aluminium rings rather than any harsh glue or tape. We will add hair depending upon how thick you want your hair. This hair extension lasts for 3 to 4 months before they need maintenance.

Nano ring hair extension – It is a recent development in hair extension technique, the best choice for people looking to have hair extension permanently applied to your hair for more extended wear. The nanorings we use are made from copper and are much smaller than the micro ring, in which strands are attached and then installed in your original hair. We have a team of professionals who are expert at installing hair extensions in your hair using this technique.

Keratin hair extension – It is the most favourite of women and a traditional style of installing hair extensions. It is quite easy to install, manage and style with durability. This method is also known as the glue method or mostly fusion. In this technique, our professionals install keratin fusion into clients’ hair. This method doesn’t take much time and give you the most natural looking results.

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