Hair Bonding in Delhi

hair bonding in delhi

Hair Bonding in Delhi To Overcome Hair Loss Without Surgery

Are you facing hair loss issues? Have you tried every tip and trick to re-grow it back to its natural crowning glory? Or you simply want to experiment with new hairstyles without the fear of permanently damaging them with colour and other heat styling products? If your answer is yes, then permanent hair bonding in Delhi is your new best friend. Planet of Hair Cloning has revolutionised the hair replacement industry by restoring the hair of the customers as well as their confidence. If you are longing for natural and great looking hair without the hassle of painful surgery, then you are just like everyone. Hair bonding in Delhi is one such non-surgical process, medically proven by the doctors has helped to eliminate wigs and other ill-fitted hair toupees for both men and women.

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permanent hair bonding

The 21st century has bought various ways to regain the length and density of hair in a safe way, just like we used to have before hair loss. Not only for concealing hair fall, but it is also the best technique for those ladies who are looking to change their hairstyle by adding a pop of colour, desirable length and volume to their existing hair. If you are unhappy with your hair, compatible hair extensions can be added through hair bonding clinic in Delhi.

Hair Bonding in Faridabad is one of the sub-types of hair weaving method. It is the art of real human hair integration with your natural hair to give you the most undetectable look. Since in this process human hair is used for the integration, there is nothing you cannot do with it. Be it shampooing, conditioning, playing, swimming, driving, styling and more, treat them like your real hair. The treatment is often termed as hair fixing and hair integration. One major advantage of this process and the reason for its wide popularity is the density of hair it can offer to the people especially girls who have been dreaming for long, thick and luscious hair. Getting younger and more natural look is now easy with Planet of Hair Cloning.

In recent time, profound advancement has taken place in the hair industry. Due to the pricey hair transplant technique, many people are opting for this medical procedure. Till date, hair bonding is one of the most effective methods which can give you the appearance of a head full of natural human hair.

Baldness and thinning of hair are amongst the increasing problems facing the people of India today riddled with triggers like unhealthy lifestyle, stress, pollution, and hormonal imbalances. Hair bonding clinic in Delhi helps in hiding the areas of the scalp when the hair is thin.

How is it done?

Many people are now aware of how this process is done? It is quite simple than hair transplant and can be completed in one sitting. In this process, Planet of Hair Cloning find the finest human hair resembling your real hair is selected with three most important characterises, i.e., colour, length and wave or curl. Be very careful while choosing the hair system as it is an essential factor determining the final look of the hair. Since every hair is different from another, consultation from the right salon or clinic is necessary to determine what is needed to make your hair best as it can be. Some people want to cover up their baldness while others may wish to change entirely different looks than what they are accustomed to.

Silicon glue is used in the affected area of the scalp to fix the custom designed hair system. Then, the hair system is merged well with your existing strands. You can choose any type of hair according to your budget and hair texture. The cost of this process is relatively less than hair transplant and other non-surgical methods of hair loss treatment. Planet of Hair Cloning has experienced hair specialist and doctors giving the best treatment and advice at an affordable rate.

Permanent Hair Bonding in Delhi for partial hair loss

Since in this technique a system of strands is added by hands with the help of the skin-friendly invisible glue, you can see your hairline. This methodology of hair fixing is non-intrusive, porous and doesn’t hinder your natural hair growth. Also, this process is safe and do not damage the hair follicle or scalp cells; therefore it is the top choice for people suffering for partial hair loss.

You can get rough and feel comfortable with your new hair after the completion of the process. Hair bonding is quite versatile; you are not confined to a single hairstyle. You can have long, lustrous hair, short hair, thick hair or colourful hair; options are limitless. Planet of Hair Cloning gives its clients the opportunity to try out different looks.

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