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Hair Wigs In Delhi

Hair fall is a significant matter of concern for anyone who is experiencing it, whether you are a man or a woman as it can cause thinning of the hair or bald zones. There are many clinics claiming to provide you with the best hair replacement system for various hair fall issue including thinning of hair, alopecia and so on, it can be overwhelming to choose the best treatment option.

It is a fact that many men are struggling from male pattern baldness also referred as alopecia which leads to bald spots on the head. It is common for women to buy wigs to camouflage their hair thinning issues and change hairstyles, but still, many men are hesitant to buy wigs. Also, in the market you will find a plethora of ladies hair wigs but not men hair wigs, but all your concerns are solved with us. We are the leading provider and manufacturer of human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs in Delhi especially for men who cannot find a suitable wig for them because of the lack of availability.

If you are looking for an affordable and painless way to get a head full of hair, then we will provide you with best hair wigs ideal for concealing your baldness. With us, you can shop for various types of wigs that will suit your persona and style. The wigs designed at Planet of Hair Cloning not only acts as a replacement for hair loss but can be used as a style accessory. With our extensive collection of hair wigs, you can choose from different colours, styles, fringes to wefts, and emulate your favourite stylish look without the hair stylist.

How to Take Care Of Your Wig?

For our many clients wearing a wig is their daily routine, therefore caring for the wigs is also a big part of their everyday life. Since wigs are an excellent investment especially for people, who use hair wig as their daily accessory, that’s why proper care is monofilament hair wigsnecessary in order to increase the longevity of the wig especially human hair wigs.

Human hair wig and synthetic hair wig – The maintenance of the wig large depends upon the type of fibre it is made from. Synthetic hair wig is made from the kanekalon or nylon; therefore it calls for different products from the products that are used on human hair wigs. The purpose of cleaning the wig is to remove oil from the scalp that can build over time from the oily scalp of the wearer. It is recommended to wash the synthetic hair wigs after every 10-25 wear, while keeping in mind that cleaning it will decrease its lifespan as the wig will loses its lustre after every wash. If you own a human hair wig, you need to take special care of it which includes washing the wig regularly with shampoo and conditioner, keeping it out from the direct sun (human hair wigs fades), and protect from the extreme weather conditions. The human hair wig does not receive essential nutrients like natural hair; it is necessary to be gentle while handling it, avoid over combing and styling.  If you have a synthetic wig, you can use synthetic cleaner or your own shampoo and conditioner to clean it, but be gentle while doing.

Brushing – You need to brush both the types of wig regularly in order to avoid tangles and knots. A regular brush shouldn’t be used on the hairs of the wig because as it can cause splits ends and frizziness; therefore you need to purchase a special comb available at any beauty store. Keep in mind, never to brush your wig, whether it is made from human hair or synthetic nylon, when it is wet, which can cause the hair to stretch and ultimately break. In order to dry your wig, place it gently on a towel and let the water blot from the wig, do not twist or turn it and place them on the wig stand so it can dry out.

Heat – Nowadays many heat friendly wigs are becoming common as many wig wearers are looking for a wig that can withstand the heat of the various styling products. Keep in mind that frequent exposure of the heat can damage the hairs of the human hair wig, in the same way, it can damage your hair. In case you own a synthetic wig, then you must avoid heat styling products at any cost because the heat from the product can melt the fibre of the synthetic hair wig.

Storage option – It is advisable not to sleep while wearing your wig, as it can lead to entanglement of the wig hairs, especially if you are wearing a human hair wig. There are unique ways by which you can store your wig when you are not wearing it, without harming. While looking for a place to store your human hair wig ensure that it is out from the direct sunlight, heat and dust, and keep them safe in your closet out of harm’s way. If you have a synthetic hair wig, you can easily store it in an enclosed space, as it can hold its own style and also keep it on a mannequin or a wig stand. Keep in mind while storing your wig is that do not store the wig for an extended period without combing the tangles or washing it.

Why Choose Our Hair Wigs In Delhi?

miraj hair wigWe at Planet of Hair Cloning understand the pressing need for men to look good in all aspects. Therefore we provide you with an extensive range of 100% natural human hair wigs with abundance of options like custom hair wigs, front hair wig, full lace wigs, monofilament wigs, hand-tied wigs and much more. We offer human hair toupee for various hair replacement techniques like hair patch, hair weaving, bonding and so on.

We have gained mastery in the art of designing wigs as we have a team of professionals who have experience in the crafting various custom wigs of short, medium, and long length with different styles. When you choose to buy hair wigs in Delhi from our store, you will only get fantastic and branded wigs as we understand the specific needs of our customers and hence offer wigs that not only stays in one place but also do not cause itching sensation.

If you are looking for a hair wigs in noida that goes well with your alpana fancy dress, then we suggest you purchase our synthetic hair wigs which is not only cost effective but also comes in pre-styled form. We are breaking the conventional notion of women who are the wig wearers, by providing huge collection of men’s wigs at the Planet of Hair Cloning.

Most of our customer wants to have real human hair on the undetectable base, for that we suggest lace or monofilament caps. The hair export wigs for personal and parlour use can be bought from our shop at leading prices in various pack sizes. We use advanced and modern technology which allows us to replicate your scalp and head contours correctly ensuring the hair replacement system fits you.

At the Planet of Hair Cloning, we take pride in ensuring that the quality of the hair used to design wigs is made from the highest grade of hair that is what set our bespoke hair replacement system apart from other clinics and wigs shops.

We also provides the best hair wigs for celebrity as well as we deals in natural human hair wigs made from 100% real human hairs in delhi.

Not only common man but also models, professionals, actors, actresses are using hair wigs just to look better than they look. Many celebrities started wearing hair wigs as they want to get rid of hair coloring, straightening & other regular hair processing as they have to look better in the daily life for their shooting purpose. People come to us & demand for the celebrity look with hair wig treatment. Without knowledge about this process no one can provide the best frontline. At PHC, you will get the best to best & different range of hair wigs. No More Surgery. No More Baldness. Say Hello to Amit Chaudhary @ +91 8375845551 for best hair wigs in delhi.

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