Hair Weaving in Gurgaon

Hair weaving in Gurgaon - PHC Hair Clinic

What is Hair Weaving?

Hair Weavin a non-surgical process in which additional natural human hairs were integrated with the assistance of hair replacement system or hair silicon patch in which real human hairs are already woven which conceal the baldness or thinning hair loss vicinity along achieve desired hair density with dreamed hairstyle or elongated hair length.

How Cost of Hair Weaving contrast?

Price of hair weaving or Artificial Hair Weaving varies as per patient choice the category of natural human hairs like virgin or Re my along type of silicone foundation of hair patch like mono-filament, Full Lace, Lace Front, Hair membrane or Poly fuse etc. not rely on baldness region like surgical hair transplant.

Advantages of Natural Hair Weaving

  • Low Cost (initially)
  • Trouble free maintenance
  • On the spot end result
  • 100% safe & sound technique
  • Seize whichever hairdo along hair length
  • No disfigurement, sew up
  • Can proceed normal activities along engross in sports as well
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Have experienced hair stylist
  • Trained hair style
  • Wealthy infrastructure
  • Can be perform by medical profession doctors and Non medical hair experts
  • Absolutely natural upshot
  • Guaranteed result

Disadvantages of Hair Weaving

  • Non growing hairs
  • Impose regular services
  • Employed branded shampoo & hair accessories
  • Worn only flat comb
  • Non sticky hair serum can be bring into play
  • After some span of p color: #ff508b; on these supplementary hairs
  • Always conscious regarding hairstyle
  • take care merging of both hairs
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