Hair Fixing in Delhi

Hair Fixing in Delhi- PHC Hair Clinic

Hair Fixing in Delhi

Permanent Hair Fixing is increased attractiveness in Delhi India. … “In hair fixing, we set hair patch to conceal hair loss due to Alopecia or irreversible hair loss directly through silicon bonding or braided hair woven techniques simply and in Temporary hair fixing, hair patch engaged through clip-on extension in which ones remove it while desire and put in as you craving.”

Hair Fixing is a best non-surgical hair loss treatment to wrap up hair loss or male pattern baldness instantly.

Hair Fixing can be a versatile solution for Men’s and Women’s hair loss victims’ despite the consequences of age faction and handy in any category of baldness.

There are two methods to execute hair fixing procedure:-

Permanent Hair Fixing in Delhi

In it, we initially measure hair loss region preciously by which we customized hair fixing system flawlessly as per scalp size of patient & curvature of the head along take the sample of one’s hairs to put forward the same color, thickness and volume of both hairs perfectly. In that type of fixing system, you can perform all normal activities with it like bath, shower, shampooing, conditioner, non-sticky hair oil or serum, spa, participate in game activities and you can swim also etc.

In this type of permanent hair fixing, we trimmed out accurately hair loss vicinity then execute silicon glue on the edges of the scalp or braided tree braiding on the periphery which affix on the head for few week after that span of time you have to revisit our hair fixing center for regular services or maintenance which is chargeable and time-consuming.

You can make use of branded usual hair accessories on these hairs like normal shampoo; spray gel, non-sticky reputed company oil or serum etc. not any special material regarding maintenance.

Temporary Hair Fixing in  Delhi

That is an impermanent category of Hair fixing in which it patches upon the user’s head with the aid of toupee clips on the front, back, left and right side properly for the entire day which easily set up and when you wish to lay down immediately detectable. It put forward apart from the full head of hair; formulate desire volume and Trendy hairstyle instantly. At first, we measure the extent of baldness accurately and we take the section of natural hair of user to match up accurately colour shade, volume and features of additional hair with one’s hair. Hairstylist experience and certification play imperative function as he/she has to know knowledge to execute same desired look and expectation of the client. That is an awfully uncomplicated and instant simple action to hide hair loss directly. In impermanent hair fixing in gurgaon , you don’t have to visit our centre frequently, only one time you have to visit.

Advantages of hair Fixing

  • Low Cost (at the start).
  • Both Temporary as well as permanent techniques accessible.
  • Hair Fixing handy in both men’s and women’s hair loss victims.
  • The best way of solution for a latent stage of hair loss.
  • Instant end result.
  • Accomplish trendy hairstyle, volume and hair length.
  • Applicable in any age group.
  • Customary development all along worldwide medical recognition.
  • Squat maintenance of hair fixing services.
  • 100% natural human Remy or virgin hair employed.
  • No negative review of hair fixing.
  • Zero side-effect.
  • You can check out hair fixing videos regarding end result.
  • Additional human hair truthfully matches up with one’s hair, no one judge out any difference.
  • No participation in any painful surgery.
  • No scar, stitches and linear disfigurement appear after it.
  • Skin friendly, cost proficient and top notch hair loss resolution.
  • Single day few hour resolutions.
  • The disinfected material employed to put forward 100% comfort.
  • A guaranteed result in little hour session as per trendy along natural appearance as you dreamed for it.

Disadvantages or Side-effects of Hair Fixing:-

  • Not a permanent solution for baldness.
  • Not growing natural hair like a surgical hair transplant.
  • Obligatory services on monthly basis.
  • Costly regarding maintenance every visit in addition to time consumption.
  • The only hairdo executes by hair professionals.
  • After the same span of time, must do color on this additional hair.
  • Day by day weaved hair on these hair fixing patches will be shad down, so have to refill hair on this system otherwise take a new one has to purchase a new system.
  • Constantly aware regarding fixing of both hairs, so conscious regarding natural upshot maintenance.
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