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Hair Fixing in Delhi, India

Do you remember the last time you brushed hair without worrying about hair getting struck in your comb? Hair loss is nowadays a common problem faced by many young people living in cities that directly affects the way we see ourselves. Glossy, bouncy and lustrous hair is the highest point in one’s life, but how much we try; we always put our treasured possession through torment. Planet of Hair Cloning professionals has expertise in fixing all your hair fall issues by proving various non-surgical hair treatments at a cost-effective price.

Through the years of research in the hair replacement field with successful results, we offer the best hair fixing in Delhi, India which is not only technologically advanced but also won’t damage your natural hair. Our qualified hair consultants will first take a good look at your hair and discuss various hair loss reasons. Then after a nitty-gritty examination of the hair, we will suggest you the best hair fixing techniques to get your crowning glory back.

Planet of Hair Cloning takes pride in announcing that we are the leading provider of hair fixing methods and other non-surgical hair replacement techniques in India. The quality of the hair used during the process is top-notch and made from the 100% real human hair. The material by which hair cap/base is construction is skin friendly, the knotting technique is advanced, and friendly glue is used to attach the artificial hair to the scalp.

What is Hair Fixing?

Hair system replacement techniques have come a long way since decades, where people used to refer to hair wigs and toupee as the solution to hair fall. It is the non-surgical procedure of hair replacement that aims to give you the exact natural look you always dreamed off. Also, for bald people hair fixing techniques provides a customised solution by which you can regain thick hair and conceal your baldness. The artificial hair that is attached to your scalp matches your hair colour, volume and length which are commensurate with a general evaluation of your original hair. It is less expensive than hair transplant, therefore opted by many young people.

It is a non-surgical method of hair restoration in which, we first gauge the head where fewer hairs are evident and afterwards will stick a silicon hair system on the scalp in the bald zones or less hair areas. With the help of our hair fixing technique you can accomplish all your daily activities like oiling, shampooing, play sports, drive and much more without taking out the system attached to your scalp. There are broadly two methods of hair fixing in India. It is known to be the best method of non-surgical hair replacement system which can relieve you out of your hair thinning issues.

Hair weaving – In this process, a track of hair is prepared with your own hair, which is integrated with the medicated treads and used as the base to weave the artificial hair or hair piece directly to your scalp. Then our hair specialists will cut and style your new hair according to your preference.

Hair bonding – This procedure is the same as hair weaving which is another non-surgical method of hair fixing. The hair patches are prepared that is directly attached to your pre-existing hair on the scalp.

The hair fixing cost in India changes according to the discrepancy of the bald areas and largely depend on the type of human hairs you prefer along with the cap or base of the hair patch like full lace, lace front, monofilament, and more, that a patient chooses according to their budget, therefore good maintenance is required.

Hair clipping – No maintenance is required, as you can wear and remove whenever you want.

Hair bonding – You will need to visit our clinic every month to take out the system and attach the new one or colour the fading strands of hair extensions.

Hair weaving – Hair weaving is more of a permanent solution for hair loss issue, therefore less frequents visit to the clinic. You have to visit our clinic for a redo depending upon how rapidly your hair grows every 3 to 5 months.

Hair Fixing Advantages-

  •    Since it is a non-surgical process of hair replacement, hair fixing is free of pain, unnecessary hassle and scars.
  •    The hair fixing performed by our certified experts will look 100% natural and undetectable.
  •    It takes merely from one to two hours to complete the whole process in one sitting.
  •    The hair fixing provided by our professionals is affordable; therefore it won’t hit your pocket hard.
  •    You can easily attain the texture you want to like straight, curly, wavy, bleach blond, bob, highlights, or more.
  •    Another critical advantage of hair fixing is that you can comb and style your hair as per your wish.

Disadvantages of Hair Fixing

  •    It is not a permanent solution for your hair loss problem; people can opt for a hair transplant to fix them permanently.
  •    You need to take care of your hair extensions just like your natural hair in order t avoid any damage or harm to hairs.
  •    Also, you need to colour your additional hair extensions, as they can lose their colour.

Critical differences between hair fixing and hair transplant and which one you should opt?

Result: It is impossible to get a permanent solution of fixing the hair loss on the scalp with hair fixing techniques while the hair transplant gives the permanent solution to hair fall problems.

Price and time: Hair fixing is less costly than hair transplant, as the method involves surgery and its time up to 6 months to grow back your hair to its full glory. While hair fixing can be done within a few hours and you can show of head full of hairs.

Style: With various types of hair fixing available at our clinic, anyone can achieve beautiful locks of stands the way you want like length, colour density, so on. You don’t have to go for the same look you always have been wearing, while hair transplant is a long and painful procedure, where you cannot experiment or get a dummy trail to look how the new hair will look like. In order to see the results you have to wait a long time to know if the process is successful or not, while with hair fixing you can try out the looks who want and get instant results. The hair extension at our clinic are tailor-made to suit your needs and style, whether you buy our system or have one customised for you, your hair will look good. All you have to do is visit our site and check out various non-surgical hair replacement system we have to offer for your new transformation.

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