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Hair fall is one of the most significant problems faced by the youths of India which has caused thinning of hair in them at a young age. Many men and women are suffering from male and female pattern baldness, also commonly known as alopecia, which is the leading reason for baldness and thinning of hair. To this distressing problem, our experts have found a solution that will ensure your hair get back to its previous crowning glory without undergoing any painful surgeries or taking medicines. We have the latest technology that allow us to design a natural and undetectable hair patch which will integrate perfectly with your real hair, and be unnoticeable by sight.

You can visit us at our clinic and get your hair loss assessed to determine the best hair loss solution. We will also provide you with the sample of the hair used for the procedure and place them on your head to give you an idea of how your hair will look and feel. Planet of Hair Cloning specialises in providing the best customised treatment and being a bespoke hair system we will recreate a new hairline for our customers if necessary.

Why Choose Hair Patch Services In Delhi

Hair patch in Delhi is made from the skin friendly cap to which human hairs are attached, which is used to cover the bald spots on your head. For people who cannot afford hair transplant surgery, hair patches in Delhi are the easiest and safest solution. The patches we provide to cover the bald area is made from 100% natural human hair that helps you to attain a more natural, younger and stunning looks.

hair patch in indiaTo restore the confidence back of the people suffering from extreme hair loss issues, Planet of Hair Cloning offers effective and modern hair patch techniques. We provide you with a massive range of various hair accessories like hair extensions, wefts, wigs, and hair patches to enhance your look by covering the bald spots.

We will choose the best hair patches for the treatment by evaluating your hair texture, colour, style and the client’s age. Also, we assure you of the high-quality products used by our professionals with the international standards which make us different from any other hair replacement clinic in Delhi. After getting your hair patch, you can continue with your day to day activities like bathing, shampooing, swimming, playing sports and much more.

Hair Patch in Delhi or Hair Wigs

While choosing the best hair system for the treatment of the hair loss, it is necessary for you to understand the difference between a hair wig and a patch, which are differentiated on the region of the head they cover. Hair wigs cover the whole head, while the hair patch covers the bald sections of your head. This treatment is ideal for people suffering from partial hair loss causing hair loss and bald patches. If your requirement is to cover the bald area only and not the entire head, then our hair patch technique is a perfect solution.

Hair patches we design do not lead to any allergic reactions as the glue used to fix a wig on the head is skin friendly. On the other hand, if you are facing the problem of total hair loss due to various reasons like alopecia, chemotherapy, or other issues leading to baldness, then hair wigs are a more preferred solution for your hair loss. Other hair patch techniques include hair weave, hair bonding, hair fusion, non-surgical hair replacement system and more.

Hair patches for bald sections are the quickest and easiest way to conceal baldness which is a prevalent problem among men. There are different types of hair system available at our clinic that uses only human hair for the treatment which gives a natural looking look at your hair. The patch needs to be changed in every six months when your real hair outgrows the patch hair.

Hair Patch Advantages

  • It is non surgical method of hair replacement; therefore there is no particular side effect of the procedure.
  • This technique is suitable for any hair types that will ensure undetectable hair for the customers.
  • Hair patches are one of the fastest at an affordable price hair loss treatment available in the market.
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