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Losing hair is an intricate condition which leads to various changes in life. The impact of the hair loss can be felt by the individual who is suffering and measured; therefore it needs special medical attention if it accelerates any further. Your hair gives you that distinct personality, hence to protect your identity we at Planet of Hair Cloning are at your service.

Planet of Hair Cloning (PHC) provides customised solutions for all your hair related problems. With the best state of art technique and technologically advanced method, we help you redefine yourself. Our dedication is to provide premium hair replacement procedure that will give you stunning and better-looking hair by the use of multiple techniques.

The hair loss treatment we provide is medically proven, effective and tested procedure design to give our clients a head full of glossy and bouncy hair. We have accredited team of hair experts, stylist and doctors who specialise in baldness treatment and thrive on providing excellent medical hair care. All the techniques used at Planet of Hair Cloning are non-surgical; therefore it is free of any pain, scar and discomfort.

If you are looking for an immediate solution for your hair loss treatment, then nothing is better than our various hair restoration techniques tailored to provide immediate and successful results. We provided 100% customised hair loss treatment for both men and women dealing with extreme hair fall. With us, you can get knockout gorgeous looking hair in a short time, and everyone can opt for our services regardless of their age and gender. Not only we offer custom hair fall solutions but also manufacture high-quality toupee, hair wigs and extensions. They come in both real human hair and synthetic one that you can purchase according to your preference.

Our replacement system is undetectable to both sight and touch. The hair system or graft we use to design our hair system is made from 100% real human hair remy, providing a complete common look to your new hair. We are the leading provider of clinically proven hair loss treatment which includes-

Why Choose Us?

Communication: We will check your hair loss area and inform you about all the methods which can be used to restore your hair before treatment. Our mission is being honest with you; therefore, we make your needs, desires and satisfaction our number one priority. From our exclusive range of hair restoration methods you can choose the one that will suit you the most.

Affordable: Our goal has been providing high-quality hair replacement at an affordable price. For that, we have come up with various ways of delivering the best hair system direct to our clients. With us, you can say goodbye to expensive hair salon visits because we believe getting good looking hair should not be so hard. At Planet of Hair Cloning, patients can have cost-effective treatment.

Satisfaction: As far as PHC International Hair Clinic is concerned, our primary focus is customers’ satisfaction. We take care of everyone’s requirements with the utmost care and concern. Our clients have always returned happy and satisfied with our services. From years, many patients have been benefited from our extensive hair treatment regime.

Technology: The hair replacement system we provide utilises the best technological assistant to our clients. We make use of updated technology with the latest trends in the hair industry. The techniques used in at Planet of Hair Cloning is designed and tested by our experts to give you the looks you have been dreaming of without harming your scalp or hair.

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