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Hair Patch in Gurgaon | Hair patch clinic in Gurgaon

Do you want to replace your lost hair to its full glory? With hair patch technique there is no scarring and no pain involved. We provide the best men hair patch in Gurgaon which is an excellent option to cover up your bald areas of the head. With this non-surgical treatment of hair restoration, you can get a head full of hair which not only looks natural but stylish also.

The hair patch we provide to our customers’ doest restricts their life and also no one can tell the difference between your original hair and artificial hair. The hair used in the ladies hair patch in Gurgaon is made of 100% human hair tailored to give a gorgeous look to your hair. We have a team of accredited experts who first analyse hair, scalp and various reasons for your hair loss. We will then formulate the end results that would suit your expectations. Our team will work on fixing your hair so that you can get desired looks and uncompromised results.

What is a hair patch in Gurgaon?

This non-surgical process of hair replacement is advanced in terms of the methods and techniques used. The base of the hair cap is made of skin-friendly polymer or silicon which can be attached by the use of glue or clip in the bald area of the head. It is quite easy to fix and help your hair to add more volume and length. The glue and clips utilised by our professionals are safe and do not lead to allergic reactions on the scalp. Individuals suffering from Alopecia can opt for this type of hair restoration process. Also, this does not harm your real hair in the process.

The hair attached to your head has similar direction as your natural hair; therefore our hair patch technique is completely tangle free. There are many ways to apply hair on the scalp namely hair weaving, hair bounding, tapes, glue and more. The experts fix the extra hair on your head securely which can only be removed by the ones who fix them. The hair patch cost in Gurgaon varies depending upon the area on the head you want to cover. This technique can be acquired by those who can’t afford hair transplant. As compared to wigs, hair patch are small tailored to sit on a small area of the head.

Why choose our hair patch clinic in Gurgaon?

ladies hair patchWe are at your service in providing ladies and men hair patch in Gurgaon to make sure you look your best. Planet of the hair cloning aims to give you head full of hair with the density you desire across every area of the scalp. With our hair patch in delhi, you can experiment with various new hairstyles without actually damaging your hair.

Our team includes highly trained professionals which is consist of doctors and hair experts whose full focus is on attaining the results you want. With us, you can flaunt your new locks and is a good upgrade from hair wigs. The patch of the hair is designed by our experts to fit your head completely that also complement your hair texture and length.

The ladies hair patch in Gurgaon methods offered at our clinic is the most convenient hair restoration option for people suffering from partial hair loss. The prosthetic hair used by our hair experts is custom designed that resemble the client’s hair entirely and fit perfectly on their head. With us, you can get an absolutely stunning and gorgeous new look in much less time. Planet of hair Cloning offers two types of Hair patch system permanent and temporary as per the requirement of the patients for instant results. You can contact us for best hair patch cost in Gurgaon which is budget-friendly treatment for your hair fall.

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