Wig dealers in Delhi

wig dealers in delhi

Hair Wig Dealers in Delhi

Hair fall for most of us is stressing as for people it is considered as a part of our self-esteem. It is part of our identity especially for women who are dealing with hair loss problems. It is one of the prevalent issues many people face in India and over the world which further leads to thin hair in women and baldness in men. Hair for women represents their femininity and vanity, as for men it a head full of hair associated with youthfulness and vigour. We understand all your hair related problems as we are the top hair experts in the industry, hence help in providing you with best hair wigs in noida.

Planet of Hair Cloning is one of the leading hair wig dealers in Delhi who offers hair piece services for both men and women. We serve clients from over India, with our reliable services helping men and women across the country to deal with their hair loss causes. The wigs that we offer are designed as per the convenience of our customers who are searching for an ideal wig to fit their head perfectly. We are amongst the top manufacturer, exporter, retailer and supplier of hair wigs across Delhi, proving customised solutions for all your hair fall issues.

The hair wigs come in two types, ie synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs, we manufacture both of them. Synthetic wigs are made from fibre that are long lasting which will give an instant, new look at a cost-effective price. If you are looking to get those long luscious hairs that you saw on the television without harming your own hair, then consider our exhaustive range of exclusive wigs that come in varied lengths, texture, colour and density. We provide the high-quality human hair wigs made from 100% real virgin human hair designed to give you a natural look so stunning that nobody will be able to tell the difference whether you are wearing a wig or not. Our wigs are specially designed by a team of experts to give you the most undetectable look without the hassle of going to expensive parlours.

We are the well-known dealer of hair wigs specialises in offering wigs for men, hairpieces for women, hair extensions, lace hair wigs, mono-filament hair wigs and much more. Our hair accessories are made from the finest quality material ensuring complete comfort of the wearer.

Choosing A Wig – Beginners Guide

Choosing the right wig for your personal use depends upon a large number of factors and also it might be overwhelming for you to pick the right one. If you are in confusion about which might be the best hairpiece, then feel free to contact our experts who will help you find the most suitable wig. You might want a wig to conceal hair fall problem due to cancer, alopecia, chemotherapy, inherit baldness or other medical condition, or you just want a new look, our guide will help you out.

Head measurement: Just like shopping for clothes, you need the right size to buy the most suitable outfit. The first step in selecting a hair wig is determining the correct head size. Most of the women wear a small or medium sized cap, it’s better to find out the right head measurement before buys any wig.

Hairstyle: Many cancer patients or other people who are suffering from permanent hair loss opt for our human hair wigs which offering versatility in styling like your own real hair. But they are more expensive than synthetic hair wigs, but last longer, therefore, best suited for people who have lost their hair and have less chance of growing it back in the near future. You can also choose from our high-quality synthetic hair wigs, which is the top choice of people who want to change their appearance for a party or special event.

Cap Type: Cap type is another important thing to keep in mind while choosing an ideal wig. We provide our customers with four kinds of cap material, ie mono-filament, lace, hand-tied and classic wigs. The base of the hairpiece is created from high-quality materials that provide 100% oxidation to the scalp.

Style: Now you have decided the head measurement, type of hair and cap material, now you can have fun. Chose from our wide range of short, chin length, long, and so on hairstyles to find your favourite.

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