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The work of the hair patch is part art and part science. It is the best solution for people suffering for male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness which leads to the bald area in men and thin hair in women. Our hair patch services provide an option for those people facing hair loss problems. If you are looking for a painless and hassle-free way to get a head full of hair, then hair patch in Faridabad is an ideal option for you.

Planet of Hair Cloning only uses sophisticated products and procedure in order to restore the client’s hair. We deliver only successful results with hair replacement technique that we ourselves are comfortable in handling, and all of them are safe and effective. What’s more important is that every method used by our professionals is medically certified and 100% safe for the people. Our team of hair experts are all meticulously trained and continually updated on the latest technology of hair patch in gurgaon.

Why Hair Patch?

It is a non-surgical way to restore your hair to their original crowning glory. Hair patch in Faridabad is yet another effective and successful technique of hair restoration, entirely comfortable and painless. It is a type of wig which only covers the bald area of the head instead of the whole head like wigs.

Steps Included In Hair Patch Shop In Faridabad

Step 1: In this technique, our professional will take the measurement of the bald spots, then we will show you the sample of hair system that will go in the bald zones. The hair system we will choose of you will resemble your real hair colour and texture, to give you most natural looking results.

Step 2: We will design the custom made hair system on the base of the lace cap, that is super soft and won’t cause you any irritation.

Step 3: The area where the hair patch will be attached is cleaned. Then the cap or base on which hair system is attached is applied to the bald area by two methods-

  • Through adhesive glue and tape
  • Small clips and tapes

Why Choose Hair Patch Centre In Faridabad?

hair patch india
If you are looking for uncompromised looking hair, then don’t take chances and visit our clinic. The hair patch services we provide are designed to give the most undetectable look with a head full of hair. Human hair is used for making the hair system and living your hair a most natural look. Also, our team of accredited professional make sure not to damage your hair while performing the procedure.

With years of experience has made us the hair experts in various restoration techniques that set us apart from any other centres with the same services. With us, you can get what you have always dreamed of, and beautiful hairs that can help you get rid of the hair wigs. The hair system that is designed by our experts fit your head perfectly.

We will help you to style your new hair by taking into consideration your hair colour and length. High-quality services with best products are used to perform this procedure that matches the international standards. After the completion of the process, you can continue with your daily activities like swimming, travelling in open, bathing, shampooing, and any other work. Since no surgery is required, our hair fixing techniques is free from pain, allergic reactions, and any complaints.

Our client base is enormous, with customers trusting us with their hair treatment from all age group. You have to wait a maximum of 2 hours to get a head full of hairs. With us, get the most stunning looking hair instantly at an affordable price. Hair patch centre in Faridabad cost depends upon the bald area were the hair system will be attached.

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