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Hair Extensions in Delhi

Are looking for a way to get long, streamy, and rapunzel hair without waiting for your hair to grow? Then, hair extensions are the best solution to get the long hair you have always been dreaming off. Planet of Hair Cloning provides you with high quality and a total value for money where you can get hair extensions of every length, colour and texture, ethically sourced from human hair extension manufacturer. With us get reliable, seamless and long-lasting hair extensions for an instant gorgeous looking hair at a cost-effective price and reduce the usage of the parlour. Also, we are the leading exporter of hair wigs in Delhi.

Get the glamorous look you see on the television with added volume, lustre, lift, luscious locks and the new style deigned to make you feel like a celebrity. We provide you with 100% natural Indian remy hair that will look natural just like much better version of your original hair. We are the leading companies engaged in offering hair extensions in Delhi, who assure you of the extensions used in process is made from human hair, therefore our hair extensions are the ideal solution for various hair restoration techniques like hair weaving, clip-ins or bonding methods.


How Hair Extensions Works?

Hair extensions are also known as the hair integration which is utilised to add length and density to hair. The hair extensions made from natural human hair is tailored to give you astonishing and beautiful looking hair, is available at our clinic. They seamlessly integrate with your real hair giving you the most common and natural look. Hair extensions are a new and fun way to get longer and thicker hair immediately which does not include the glue-in and messy hair integration methods that can fall off any time with Hair Extensions in Gurgaon.

This method is inexpensive for people who are tight on the financial plan, can opt for hair extensions to impermanent change in hair style and get a new look within an hour. Also, our experts make sure that your hair extensions are staunchly in one place with clips so that you won’t have to worry about losing your extensions. This technique won’t require much upkeep on your part as any other methods and also you can carry out your daily routine of shampooing and other hair related activities.

Benefits of Hair Extensions In Delhi

There are numerous benefits of hair extensions for those people who are not blessed with thick and long hair, using extensions is an excellent solution in order to get the hair you dreamed of.

  • Immediate hair change – Get instant changes in your hairstyle with a single visit to our clinic, where we provide an extensive collection of hair extensions including the type of hair texture you want.
  • Add length and density – With the hair extensions, you can easily increase the length of your hair and induce more volume. Here at Planet of Hair Cloning, we always thrive to give our customers with the bronde hair and astonishing look with different shades of trendy hair extensions.
  • Safe and secure process – Another benefit of our services is that while inducing distinctive hair extensions, our professional ensures your natural hair isn’t damaged amid the process.
  • Colour change – You can add different shades of hair colours without actually hurting your real hair during the process.
  • Low maintenance – With hair extension, you can get the effortless and glamorous look, without harming your natural hair while you curl, or use heat styler products on the hair extensions. Also, hair extensions do not require much maintenance.
  • Different occasion, different look – It creates endless possibilities of hairstyles one can change for new looks when going to separate events. You can use hair extension to get a fuller bun or highlight them for a more funky look.
  • No more split ends and thin hair – With this technique, you also conceal your thin hair because of the extreme hair loss which is a matter of worry. Our hair extension services feel and look amazing by which you can hide split ends problems, thin hair and much more. The split ends won’t just disappear on their own, but hair extension is an excellent way to camouflage split ends and various other hair related issues.

Different Types of Hair Extensions

 There are many types of hair extensions available in the market like a pre-bonded, micro loop, etc., one can easily get confused over which one to choose. Before going into the details, the hair extensions stocked at Planet of Hair cloning are all hand picked according to your comfort. We will also provide you with proper guidance on the types of extensions out there and which one to choose.

The hair extensions we provide is primarily made from two types of hair namely human hair and synthetic nylon hair. The synthetic hair extensions are usually covered with silicone gel to give the hair glossiness and natural look, but the lustre fades after some time and also can’t be styled by heat styling products. The hair extensions we provide is 100% made from real remy human hair which not only lasts long but exactly resemble your real hair in texture, length and style.

Both real and synthetic hair extensions come in different styles, texture and colours with various form of applications. The quality of the synthetic extensions varies from shop to shop; it often gives a cheap and plastic look if not purchased from the right place. Also, most of the time they don’t blend well with your natural hair giving a fake look and feel wiry or coarse to touch. On the other hand, human hair extensions exactly look and behave like your own hair.

Also, synthetic hair extension doesn’t last long, no more than 3 months, after that its shine fades away, which is not for people who wear extension every day. However, human hair extensions are just like your original hair, which requires the same care and tenderness on your part while handling. Another significant advantage of human hair extension is that it can be styled and coloured as you do with your own hair without damaging the extensions with heat products while blending with your hair easily. You can easily curl, style, colour, blow dry them and apply various hair products. But with synthetic hair, you cannot enforce the same rules, colouring them will destroy your synthetic hair extensions.

You have to pay a lot more than the synthetic hair extensions, as they last longer and look more natural. Here are comprehensive list of types of hair extensions that you can buy to get the long and streamy hairs.

Permanent Human Hair Extensions in DelhiMicro Bead Hair Extension: It is also known as loop hair extension which is applied to your existing hair by looping the hair extensions, clamping it with pair of pliers and metal bead to attach the hairs staunchly in one place. You can move the hair extension through the shaft gear, the best option for people who want to change their style every day and experiment with the length of hairs. One disadvantage of this process is that while applying the metal rings, heat is used which can damage your hair and cause them to break.

Clip-in hair extensions: It is also called as clip-in hair weft comes in different contours of hairpieces which are attached to a base cap of silicone or nylon, on which the clip is attached to keep the hair extensions fixed on the base. It is ready to use hair extension used by many women to attain a dense hair whenever they way, all you have to do is a clip in the hairpiece to your natural hair, and you are ready to roll out. You can easily remove them and put it back on whenever you feel like, a completely hassle-free way to change your hairstyle for some event or occasion. Unlike additional hair extensions, it attributes to temporary hairstyle change, which takes only 10-20 minutes to apply at home. Another major advantage of clip-in hair extensions is that they don’t harm your natural hair because it does not involve any technique, heat or glue for its installation. They simply merge with your natural hair with ease, making it the most popular hair extensions for women.

Clip-On Hair Extensions in DelhiTape-in hair extensions: It is exactly like it sound, in which hair extensions are tapped to a cap or base, and then tapped again to the roots of your hairs. For this procedure, you will need to visit a clinic or salon, where the hair experts will apply the tape-in hair extensions that align with your natural hairline. It is applied with the help of a heated tool and glue. The process is short which can take up to 2 hours to finish. You need to be extra careful of your hair extensions when using different hair products as it can cause the tape to come off or loosen. It is a prevalent issue faced by the people who opt for tape-in extensions; therefore you need to be gentle while handling your extensions.

Hair weaving: It is the best and safe method by which you can get a head full of thick and glossy hair while helping girls to disguise their hair loss. The hair system is attached to the scalp in a unique way, i.e. braiding the extension onto the rows of hair loss area in which hair are attached with the help of needle or glue. There are many other ways by which artificial hair are combined with natural hair namely fusion, bonding, netting, and more. It is more of a permanent solution for people suffering from various hair loss issues which have resulted in hair thinning zones. The procedure is needed to be performed perfectly by the hair expert professionals as if applied too tight; it will put constant strain on your head that can give you headaches.

Pre-bonded technique of hair extension: This technique is quite similar to hair weaving, but last for a short period of time. It is one of the most popular ways to add hair extensions to your scalp and also the most discreet, adopted by many women who are looking to change their hairstyle for a short period. The hair extensions are bonded to your pre-existing hair using silicone adhesive glue and keratin. The process of applying pre-bonded hair can take up to four hours of sitting in a clinic, but after the completion, you can instantly flaunt your new locks. Also, it is permanent for the time until taken out by the professional; therefore hair of 100% high quality should be used in order to increase the longevity of the hair bonded.

Why Choose Our Hair Extension?

Every Indian girl wants natural black and thick hair, but not everyone is blessed with such hair. With us, you can get a clip in hair extensions for personal and parlour usage. The extensions we offer are machine weft, ideal for people suffering from hair fall problems, who are looking for affordable hair loss treatment. You can get the most extensive collection of natural human hair extension at Planet of Hair Cloning.

We provide a wide range of color for the clients to choose from including black, blonde, brown, burgundy and much more. The motto of our centre is to provide 100% high quality real human hair designed to suit your needs. You can also visit our clinic to get consultancy at T-136/5, ABC Building, Opposite Liberty Showroom, Shivalik Main Road, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi.

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