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Hair Wigs in Noida

Hair is a treasured part of one’s life, losing your precious hairs due to various reasons can be a serious matter of concern. Hair loss is the most disturbing and traumatic experience in one’s life, it leaves a long-lasting and emotional impact on the people.

Planet of Hair Cloning is one of the leading online retailer and manufacturer of hair wigs, hair extensions, hairpieces for women and men. If you are looking to buy cheap and good quality wigs which seem natural as well as undetectable, then you can check out our massive collection of human hair and synthetic hair wigs. We aim to provide wigs to every men and woman at an affordable rate that acknowledge the growing needs of the customers and make a positive difference to people who wear wigs.

It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a wig to conceal your hair loss or just as a stylish fashion accessory, you will find best hair wigs in gurgaon that will suit your style and requirements. We only purchase top quality 100% real human hair remy from healthy donors to design wigs which is a perfect solution to all your hair related issues. Also, we are the leading hair wigs provider in Noida tailored to make you feel stunning by proving the most natural look while wearing a wig.

You can consult at our clinic for expert advice and guidance for the people suffering from alopecia, chemotherapy and other hair loss conditions. With us, you can be free of the stress as we will choose the best hair wig for your hair loss issue and also offer various techniques to help combat your hair hall.

Types of Hair Wigs In Noida

While choosing a wig, it is often overwhelming for newcomers to find the perfect wig and where to begin. There are a plethora of human hair wigs and synthetic wigs which are offered by us with heaps of styles colours and types, finding an ideal wig can be an arduous task.

Human Hair Wigs are harvested from the human hair; therefore they feel and look just like your original hair and is an ideal solution for people who are suffering from permanent hair loss while you can also alter the style and colour your wigs’ hairs. Different types of human hair wigs are available at our store namely full lace wig, front lace wig, monofilament wig, machine weft wigs, custom made wigs and hand tied wigs.

Synthetic Hair Wigs are designed from man-made fibres with the use of technology to give it the appearance of real hair, and also it is less expensive than human hair wig. Most of the people wear synthetic wigs to change their appearance for some time or any special occasion. Since it is made from the nylon, these wigs are easy to take care of and comes in different fantasy colours, styles, lengths, texture and more. With such wigs, you can hold your look regardless of any weather condition, and also they come in pre styles manner; therefore, you cannot add your own styling to the product.

Monofilament wig has a cap made from very lacy fine nylon in which the hair strands are attached individually by hands, and the cap looks like natural because of the excellent material used for the construction of the wig. It takes on the colour of the human scalp of the wearer, which make it undetectable and a good choice for people with a sensitive scalp. It is because of the hand-tied nature of the monofilament cap creating a very natural looking hairline for the wearer. It gives a stunning look to the wig wearer as the hair looks like they are coming out of your own hair follicles.

Lace front or lace capped wigs have the lace on the front of the cap while the rest of the base is a thick cap on which the clips are sewn which hold the wigs on the head of the client. Since the lace is used as the cap material, therefore it doesn’t look noticeable on the scalp, creating a very natural looking hairline. When combined with monofilament top with hand-tied cap, you get can very secure and comfortable looking replacement of your hairs.

Lace wigs are one of the most natural looking hair wig available in the market, which is made on the very comfortable and fine lace material cap. On this cap, hairs are attached by the hand making it extremely lightweight and flexible, but also expensive than other wigs.

Custom made wigs are another type of wig which is designed as per the customer requirements and needs. It fits the head of the wearer perfectly and is also costly because of its custom made features from the hair of human, making it the top choice of people for permanent hair solution.

Ways to Attach A Wig On The Head

All the wigs in Noida have adjustable and comfortable elastic in order to tighten and loosen the circumference of the wig according to your head.

A small amount of hair is sewn into the wig lining to create a natural look and lock the wig gently on your head to for more secure attachment also called snap lock comb.

Double-sided tape is also used to fix the wig onto the scalp where there is no hair to stick the wig to the base to the scalp.

Planet of Hair Cloning is the leading provider of custom made wigs for men and women that range in length from all the way short to long hair so that you can yourself distinctive hairstyles while concealing your hair loss. Whatever you want straight, curly, wavy, bob and the colour is available at our hair wigs to shop at an affordable price that will match your original hair texture and style.

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