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Permanent Hair Extensions in Noida | Hair Extension Centre in Noida

The impulsive hairdo is every girl’s repentant pleasure. However, excessive styling can lead to hair loss, damage, split ends and deprive your hair of the healthy vitality. Therefore, our hair extensions centre in Noida come handy in such cases when you are looking to have some fun without the potential mess of harming your real hair. Hair extensions are one of the best hair accessories available in our centre to add a pop of colour and elongate the length of the hair with desired density, letting you freely play with different hairstyles, minus the baggage of any harm and permanency.

Are you obsessing over that long and smooth Rapunzel hair? At Planet of Hair Cloning, you can easily enhance your look at affordable prices. Be it straight flowing tresses, voluminous hair or highlighted locks; you can choose your own style as well as texture. We offer you a wide array of hair extensions made from 100% remy human hair that will suit your original hairstyle perfectly.

There are many methods by which you can attach these extensions, depending upon your choice. We meet our clients personally and have a long sit down where we discuss various hair extensions techniques you can opt and what type of style you are looking for. After the customer has chosen their preference, we help them in providing the best hair extensions that match their original hair. You can pick from our exclusive collection of wefts which comes in various colours, style and texture, suitable for every hair types. That’s why hair extensions in faridabad is always in huge demand.

Permanent Hair Extension in Noida

There are many hair extensions techniques used by our professional in order to attach these extensions; all of the methods used at our clinic is 100% and secure. For people who want long luscious hair but lack the patience to grow them, hair extensions are the best option for you. Hair extensions can be employed using both synthetic hair and human hair. Also, people who are suffering from hair loss and not satisfied with their thin hair can opt for Planet of Hair Cloning non-surgical hair replacement methods. With us, you can get that shiny, bouncy and coloured hair; you have been dreaming off.

hair extensions in delhi indiaWe render best hair extension services in Noida as a part of our hair restoration methods designed to give you most undetectable looking hair in less time. Hair extensions centre in Gurgaon is the top choice for the people, as we are few of the professional accredited permanent hair extensions brands in India. One method of permanent fixing the extensions is called Keratin (bonding or pre-bonding). In this technique, our hair experts fuse hair wefts using a different adhesive which can take 3 to 4 hour approximately. You need to visit the hair extension centre in Noida for a free consultation in order to know the best method for your hair type.

After the application of the extensions, you can manage your new hair the same you do with your real hair. You can use the same hair products that you were using before. However, you need to re-install the extensions in every 3 to 4 months depending upon your hair growth. These hair extensions can be reused if applied and taken out by a trained professional.

Other than Keratin hair extensions in delhi, there are other ways of attaching wefts in your natural strands available at Planet of Hair Cloning including-

  • Micro ring permanent hair extensions are also known as micro loop permanent hair extensions
  • Nano ring permanent hair extensions
  • Hair Weaving
  • Tape-in hair extensions
  • Clip-in hair extensions

 Hair Extensions Cost in Noida

The hair extensions cost in Noida depends upon the hair type you are choosing. These extensions can enhance your look; therefore they are a versatile piece of accessory used by many women. With our extensions, you can look gorgeous as you step out of our clinic. You can either choose our permanent hair extensions or temporary extensions which can be easily applied at home without any hassle. High-quality hair extensions are becoming more famous day by day to transform your looks instantly and feel more confident with longer and voluminous hair.

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