A patient who undergo Chemotherapy Male or Female, Our Hair Wig shop has a professionally skilled team to put forward Women medical natural human hair wigs for cancer patients who go through Chemotherapy sessions, this hair prosthesis was customized hair wigs which wig cap made by only cotton foundation, not silicon base made to make 100% oxidation or breathable with special design flexible elasticity to formulate comfy in worn because a patient already lose confidence in mentally disturbed. So, we make sure to put forward special design special hair prosthesis wigs which bestow the look as well as totally comfortable in worn along maximum ventilation as possible.

How Human Hair Wigs for Cancer patients (Prosthesis wigs) differ from normal natural hair wigs?

Customized cranial hair prosthesis was diverse to monofilament standard hair wigs for women. This hair prosthesis is made of diverse stepladders:-

Take initially skull measurement by which we formulate bold look like head which precisely fitted on the cranium to make comfy in worn. Then as per the choice of the client, by hand weaving, we weave strand by strand hairs on the special designed cotton base wig cap in perfect direction to formulate freestyle along natural appearance.

We utilize all objects in chemotherapy wigs which are medically approved hygienic in use along antibacterial international branded material to make perfect prosthesis wig for the reason that Ladies who are undergoing chemotherapy have very susceptible skin reactive to generally outside object furthermore cranium suspicious from outside bacteria to craft allergic reaction. So, these prosthesis wigs are made on only cotton bases with hand weaving technique, not weft hair wigs in which when knots came in the contact with the head when patient-worn hair wig in Delhi create itching or not comforting.

Advantages of Chemotherapy or Prosthesis hair wigs

  • Totally hygienic
  • 100% oxidation
  • Pure natural human hairs are employed
  • Customized sizes make most comfortable in worn
  • Totally natural appearance
  • The only cotton foundation made up to get the best calm in worn
  • Worn within few minute time of span
  • Easy to maintain
  • Employed normal hair care accessories
  • In natural human hair, you can create any hairstyle by iron curl like straight, curly etc
  • In human hair, you can progress spa, smoothing etc
  • Make any colour on it without damaging natural hairs

Disadvantages of Chemo or Cranial Prostheses Hair Wigs

  • High Cost for natural human hair wigs
  • Seize time to formulate a customized hair wig
  • Take time for shampooing or smoothing if hairs were tangled
  • Acquire more time for styling rather than natural hair styling
  • Always conscious that nobody can make out you have worn a wig
  • Only used the flat brush
  • More expenses when colour proceeds on beauty salon
  • Employed only branded shampoo, conditioner etc.