What is the difference between Synthetic Wigs Vs Human Hair Wigs

human wigs vs synthetic wigs

Difference between Synthetic Wigs Vs Human Hair Wigs

Do you know ancient Egyptians have invented wigs to protect their heads from the scorching heat of the sun? It was used as protection prior to the Louis XIV who popularized it as a fashion accessory in the 1600’s. Well, it does not matter who invented the wig, I’m grateful that it was made to save men and women alike from the headache of bad hair day and hair loss issues. Needless to say, a wig has found its rightful place in the 21st century. Now they are the fashion statement accessory even worn by the celebrities to change their looks from time to time without damaging their actual hair.

Over the decades’ wigs have come a long way and people with a head full of hair are discovering its possibilities apart from hair loss solution. Many people think wigs are the only way to conceal hair loss, whether the hair fall problem is temporary or permanent. For everyone, especially, women experiencing hair fall can be traumatic which they have to deal with. Wearing a wig saves you from the hassle of styling your hair every day while camouflaging the hair loss areas. One with the help of the wigs can adopt a versatility of styles, from blond to short bob with highlights wigs are the best way to attain the look you have been dreaming of.

According to various online sources, a wig is made from artificial hair used to cover the whole head. In the current day, wigs are worn by men and women alike for various purposes like concealing hair loss, changing hairstyle, religious purposes and much more.


Types of hair wigs available in the market

Prominently there are two types of wigs available in the market, i.e. human hair wigs and synthetic hair wig. For newcomers who don’t know much about the types of wigs one can buy, it often becomes difficult to where to look and what to buy. There are many types, styles, brands, colours, construction material and so on; picking out an ideal wig to match your requirement can be overwhelming.

Human hair wigs

natural human hair wigNatural hair or human hair wigs are made from harvested human hair from the healthy donor, therefore they feel and look, just like your original hair. Human hair wigs in delhi give you a comfort of knowing that you are wearing real hair. There are many advantages and disadvantages of human hair wig.


  • Human wigs are versatile, there you can style it as per your heart’ content. You can colour, change style, prim and add highlights just like your own hair. If you are not positive that you can style your human hair wigs, then a stylist is recommended who is experienced in styling human hair wigs.
  • Since human hair wigs come in a variety of texture, people suffering from hair loss can find wigs matching their hair texture to conceal their hair loss.
  • With proper care, wigs made from human hair can last for a long time, even a year.
  • Another benefit of human hair wigs is that it looks absolutely natural on wearer’s head and matches your natural hairline.


  • Since they are created from real hair, they are quite expensive.
  • They need extra care just like your real hair that needs to be washed, conditioned and maintained correctly. If you don’t take proper care of the wig, it will damage the wig. Also, it cannot withstand the elements of nature and can become dry, frizzy and entangled.
  • The colour of the wig fades fast due to light exposure.
  • The weight of such a wig is much heavier than the synthetic hair wigs; therefore it is difficult to carry.
  • Human hair wigs are frail and incur damage of subjected to intense styling or brushing.

Synthetic hair wigs

synthetic wigThese wigs are created from man-made synthetic fibres of nylon using technology that gives the same look like the natural hair. Like human hair wigs, synthetic wigs also have several pros and cons.


  • You can easily take care of synthetic hair wigs as they come pre-styled and retain those styles. Once washed and dried; the wigs go back to their initial style.
  • Regardless of any weather conditions, these wigs aren’t damaged.
  • People can choose from the array of natural hair colour wigs and fantasy colours.
  • Also, it doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • It is cost effective for people looking for an affordable way to change their style.


  • They might have an unnatural shine that makes the wig detectable.
  • Also, these wigs don’t last as long as the human hair wigs.
  • You cannot change the style of the wig as they are not heat-friendly.

Which wig to choose?

There has been a misconception between among the wig buyer that human hair wigs are way better and natural looking than synthetic hair wigs. Let me clarify you that it is not the case, just because human hair wigs are created from real hair, doesn’t mean it is better. A synthetic hair wig of high quality can easily beat the human hair wigs.

It all depends on the budget of the buyer and the usage of the wig. Since synthetic wigs are cheap, one can easily use to change their style for a period of time. For people looking for wigs to hide their hair thinning area and baldness, human hair wigs are recommended. The cap of the human hair wig is made according to the natural hairline; therefore they look more natural. A synthetic wig is the best fashion accessory that can give you instant change in looks, no styling needed.

This will help you pick the best wig according to your needs. Happy wig shopping to all of you!

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