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Many people associate wigs with hair loss solution, but a wig is s much more than that. Over the centuries wigs have come a long way and people with a head full of hair are discovering possibilities it offers.

It was a French king named Louis XIII who made the wig fashionable in 1680s among the people of courts and public. Similarly, in ancient time, many Egyptians used to shave their head to protect it from lice and sun. To cover their head, they used to wear wigs made from human hair or other cheap substitutes.

Other than fashion, people also wear wig to cover you their hair fall problems. Hair fall for anyone whether you are women or men, it can be a traumatic experience. For most women, hair is the overall part of their personality. Therefore hair loss can be draining endeavor for most of the people. But all can change with an ideal hair wig that can camouflage your hair loss so you can feel like yourself again.

Are you are looking for a wig to hide your baldness? There are two types of wigs that are available in the hair wigs shop in Delhi, i.e. human hair wigs and synthetic fibre wigs. As the name suggests, human hair wigs are made from the hair of a human donor while the synthetic wigs are made from synthetic nylon fibre from the machine. Familiarising yourself with the types of hair wigs in Delhi will help you with finding your compatible wig. Here is the guide for all kinds of wigs that you can buy from various shops and online stores. By reading this blog, your hair wig shopping will become much easier.

  1. Full Lace hair wigs

These wigs are made on the fine lace caps from which the scalp can be seen, creating a very natural hairline. Lace Wigs are combined with a monofilament top and hand-tied hair on the cap; so you have a comfortable and natural looking wig made from human hair. The lace cap has urethane strips for adhesives to stick to.

You can find a colossal variety of lace wigs which can be styled, brushed and parted the way you want. These wigs are versatile, and no one can tell if you are actually wearing a wig. Full lace hair wigs are expensive than other wigs, but its price is worth as they last longer and give a natural look to the wearer. If you are looking to hide baldness with the most realistic wig, then lace wigs should be your top choice.

  1. Lace front

These lace front wigs only have lace in the front unit of the hairpiece. The remaining cap is thicker and needs clips to fix the wig on the head of the wearer. These wigs are quite common and can be worn throughout the day without the worry of the material getting tearing away at the lace, as the material used isn’t fragile. As the fine lace is only in the front section of the wig, the wearer can part the hair the way they want.

  1. Monofilament hair wigsmonofilament hair wig

It is one of the most natural looking wigs available in the market. While constructing this wig, polyester or micro nylon mesh is used to make a very fine lace cap, and the strands of hair are attached by hand to the cap. It looks the same as your own hair, and also you can part or brush it in any direction. They are a perfect choice for people who have thin hair, bald head or irritated scalp.

  1. Custom made wigs

Just as the name implies, a custom wig is made keeping in mind the needs of the wearer in which density, crown areas, colours, hair type and length can be added as per customers’ requirements. It will fit your head perfectly as it is designed for you only, and made from human hair attached by hand to the fine lace cap. It blends perfectly with your scalp and will give a natural looking hair.

  1. Weft cap wigs

This type of wig doesn’t contain a hair cap but instead have a cap-like structure that includes rows of hair weft made by sewing machine. The top of the crown is closed, and shorter hairs are used to hide the cap to give the wig a more original look. The weft cap wigs are made from machines. Therefore they are an affordable solution for people looking for changing their appearance.

Since it does contain any cap, this wig is lightweight and much more comfortable to carry. Because of the absence of cap, the hair wefts are also used in hair patches technique, to hide the bald areas of the head.

  1. Synthetic hair wigs

The wigs made from human hair are more expensive than the wigs made from the synthetic nylon fibres. The synthetic wigs nowadays provide a natural look to people who are looking to change or experiment with their hair style. Synthetic wigs don’t last for too long and need more care than human hair wigs. Also, you cannot use hot styling products on the hair as it can damage the wig’s hair.

It works best for those people who don’t want to spend money or time in styling their natural hair. You can just select from the large variety of synthetic hair wigs that will instantly give you an attractive look. It is the best option for short term styling or use.

  1. Miraj Hair Skin Wigsmiraj hair wig

These hair wigs have gained popularity recently in the hair wig industry. The base cap of the wig is net made from skin colour nylon or polymer that makes this wig easy to wear. Also, miraj hair wigs have no harmful effect on the scalp of the wearer.

Things to consider while choosing your ideal wig

Hair texture

While wig shopping you might have come across different types of hair texture like curly, wavy, straight and much more. If you are looking for an ideal wig to match your hair, then choose the composition according to your hair type. You will find many textures of hair wigs in Delhi that will completely suit your preference and requirement.

Why are you wearing a wig?

Is it to conceal your baldness or just a fashion statement, you need to consider this while choosing your perfect wig. Are you are a cancer patient and have lost all the hair due to chemotherapy? To combat this you can select the full lace or custom wigs made from the 100% human hair tailed to give you a natural and stunning hair look which is available in hair wigs shop in Delhi.

Are you are looking for a wig to change your hair for a particular event or occasion like wedding, Halloween or others? Well, then synthetic or weft hair wigs are the best options available. They are affordable, and you can attain the look you want to without damaging your natural hair in the process. The most significant advantage of the hair wigs is they are versatility of styles. You can choose from hundreds of different style, colour and texture. Changing the look has never been so easy, just wear a wig and you are ready to go out.

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