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hair wigs styling tips

Hair Wigs Styling Tips | How To Wash Hair Wigs | Hair Wigs Care Tips

There are endless tricks by which you can style your wig. You can either braid it, or wear it in a ponytail or try a classic updo. Styling a wig is different from how you style your own hair; it depends upon the type of wig you are wearing. Human hair wigs can be styled like your own hair unlike synthetic hair wigs which comes pre-styled. You don’t have to worry; the tips mentioned below will help create beautiful styles in a matter of minutes.

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Spray Bottle

Get a spray bottle with cool water to spritz your wig during styling. It will re-vitalise the tips of the wig, helps you comb the tangles, and smooth frizzes without actually wetting the entire wig. You can easily manipulate your wig into different styles with the aid of spray bottle.

Foam Head

hair wigs care with shampooStyling a wig on a foam head will give you the freedom to work on any style from every angle. Doing the initial styling on the foam head is the best way to try various hairstyles without damaging the wig.

Wig care products

It is recommended by the hair stylist to use the hair products designed for wigs only in order to avoid the damage from regular chemical based shampoo and conditioner. A wig spray is the best way to hold your new hairstyle.

Avoid heat products

Whether you are wearing a synthetic wig or human hair wig, do not use heated styled products. It can melt the strands of synthetic hair and take away the lustre of the human hair wig. Synthetic wigs are inexpensive as compared than human hair wigs and don’t last for long. Therefore using heat styling products can deteriorate the condition of wig even faster. Heat products can ruin your wig; therefore it is advised to use cold dryers for hair styling. You can also use steam to remove tangles and set a style. To add curls to your wig, put the hairs of wig on a roller, then use a steamer to go over it. After the hair has dried, remove the hair rollers.

Nylon Brush

Instead of using a regular hairbrush, spend on nylon hair brush with round edges. Use it to brush the strands of wig starting from the root of the hair to the bottom in a gentle motion. It will help wake up the dormant fibres of the wig.  Regular combs can pull on and damage the strands of the wig.

Don’t brush a wet hair wig

It is a mistake that people are not aware of, as it leads to shedding of hair strands. Dry out the wig first, and then brush out the hair in short strokes if the hair is wavy or curly. For straight hair, use long strokes to comb the hair with minimal pressure.

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Conceal the lace of the wig with the help of concealer

If the lace of your wig is visible on your forehead, you can use concealer to hide it. Take a concealer resembling your skin tone, apply it on a sponge and use it to colour the lace of the wig.

Wig hair cut

Yes, you can cut the hair of the wig to give it a customised look. You can either do it yourself or go for a professional hair stylist who has experience in cutting the hair of the wig a giving a more natural looking appearance.

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