Advantages & Disadvantages of Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is a minor surgery in which hair grafts or roots will transfer from healthy well resistance hair loss area known as “benefactor region” into baldness area directly in a single day operation known as beneficiary region to conceal the hair loss vicinity and offer full head of hair permanently.

Disadvantages or Side-effects of Hair Transplantation:-

–      To cover large density with the surgery and follicles from Donor site are remove forever.

–      To get desired density patient have to sit for sessions additional sessions which can cost him.

–      In sessions like a FUE & FUHT body hair implantation involved large quantity.

–      Due to involvement of drugs & medicines sometimes embedded transplanted follicles will not disturb which results in laws of time and money involved in it.

 Advantages of hair Transplant:-

–      It is a permanent solution for hair loss for few years.

–      After few months you can see the results in your growing hairs.

–      In a single sitting you can get a straight forward 5000 + grafts.

–      Plastic surgeon fees are very nominal to know about the pros and cons of hair transplantation.

–      Surgical hair transplant is much more superior than non surgical hair treatment.

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