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Nowadays many young people are losing hair due to a variety of hair leading them to feel low on spirits and confidence. The most common reason for hair fall is male and female pattern alopecia, affected many young adults across the globe. Due to which many men get bald spots and experience receding of the hairline to form an M shape on the head. While women experience thinning of hair at the crown of the head.

There are many non-surgical hair treatments for people suffering from various hair related issues that assist people to gain their lost self-esteem back by providing them with head restored to its crowning glory. Some of the common hair replacement systems are hair patch, hair fixing, hair weaving, and much more. Hair patches are the unique accessory that helps people to hide their bald spots and many hair thinning zones.


What is the hair patch method of hair replacement system?

Hair Patch in Delhi is a non-surgical way of hair restoration in which a cap-shaped valve is made of human hair is used to cover the bald areas. The dermatologists use skin friendly glue or clips to stick the hair patch. The adhesive and clips used in this procedure are 100% safe and does not cause irritation or harm to your hair. The method is quite simple and can be opted by people suffering from male and female pattern baldness.

It is a temporary solution for hair loss; therefore, it can be opted by people dealing with temporary hair fall issues. People who are not obligated to wear full-size hair wig, in that case, use partial size hair patch or hair replacement system which uses natural human hair made from various hair caps including monofilament, lace, machine weft, etc.

It is an effective treatment for hair fall especially for those who don’t want to opt for the painful surgical process or do not have money for transplant. The hair patch is a technical process performed by trained professionals designed for the patient to fit their head giving hair a natural look. Needless to say, it looks absolutely stunning and patients end up getting better-looking hair than before. As compared to hair wigs, which cover the whole section of the head, hair patch is designed to sit on the bald spot of the head. Hair path is an alternate solution of hair wigs in delhi.


People who can opt for hair patch treatment?

For people suffering from partial and, temporary hair loss can opt for this method of hair restoration. The procedure involves an adequate placement of the hair patch on one’s head where the badness is maximum. The prosthetic hair used for the treatment is made from human hair that matches the patient’s hair completely. It looks more natural than hair wigs while perfectly sitting on the head. Since the hair attached is natural human hair, it gives a completely natural and common look to the patients & can take hair wigs in gurgaon also.

Pros of Hair patch

There are many advantages for people who avail for this method of hair replacement.

  1. Inexpensive – The methods cost less than the hair transplants, makes it the best option for people tight on budget.
  2. Safe – The medical procedure is 100% safe and does not cause any harm or side effect to your hair. Also, it does not lead to many allergic reactions to the glue or clips used in the process.
  3. Painless – Since it is a non-surgical method of hair restoration, it does not involve the use of any needles and hence free of pain and hassle of the hair transplant.
  4. Time-saving – Patient can get their hair back to their original crowning glory within an hour or two. The procedure is completed in one sitting, and you don’t have to visit the clinic again and again.
  5. Look natural – The hair patch is designed to give you nature and beautiful look, without people noticing the difference.
  6. Easy to maintain – Immediately after the procedure you can continue your daily routine an also it does not need any special care. You can treat your new hair as per your real hair.


Cons of hair patch treatment

  1. Temporary solution – This process is only a temporary solution for hair loss. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, then hair transplant is recommended.
  2. Hair growth – One cannot stop the growth of the hair. Therefore, ones your real hair outgrow your prosthetic hair, you need to revisit the clinic to get the procedure done again.
  3. Tedious cleaning – It requires cleaning the hair patch in every 15 to 20 days.

Life after hair patch

Both men and women dealing from hair loss can opt for this treatment, at any stage of hair loss. As it is a non-surgical way of hair restoration, the general health of the customer is not taken into consideration. The hair system can take a week to be made; the actual process takes only a few hours. The hair is attached in one sitting only; therefore there is no need for a revisit.

People who have opted for this treatment can resume their day to day activities like summing, shampooing, playing, bathing and so on. You can comb your hair and style the way you want just like you do with your real hair. No extra care is needed for the maintenance of the hair system. You can enjoy your new hairstyle with completely transformed looks.

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