Hair Extensions schemes (Pros, Cons, Cost & services!):-

Clip In or clip on hair extension: – These are temporary hair extensions which can be easily get, hair extensions set on the head with the help of hair clips this procedure will take only few minutes, this technique is capable of work out for holidays ever but you have to take it out when you take bath for go to sleep. Which technique is used mostly by women’s when they are on some special occasions this gives and resource full category of temporary natural human hair extension.

Permanent hair extensions: – In this process there is a hold of extension on the scalp. In recent era keratin glue fusion is implemented earlier there was hair weaving or sew in hair are available. It is having submission of Keratin glue to the additional hairs with the natural human hair. With the help of qualified hair technicians the hair roots will not damage

Micro loop or micro ring hair extensions: – These are also in the category of permanent hair extensions in which hair extensions fixed strand by strand with the help of metal ring plugged.

There are two categories of hairs generally used in hair extensions natural human hairs which are virgin hairs and synthetic/ artificial hair which are made of Nylon also which are non washable but of low cost.

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