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Hair Extensions – A Complete Guide

Going for hair extensions in delhi is a big decision, as many ladies are swayed by the magical transformation it promises. You can get long and thick hair within a matter of few hours without waiting for years for it to grow. Hair extensions are a glamorous way to add volume and length to your otherwise thin and damaged hair to get stunning looks. With the right kind of extension and expertise, you can look best, that’s why so many women chose this process.

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But there is a negative side to this life-changing innovation that is often not discussed. There are some serious pros and cons of it you ought to be aware of before booking an appointment with a clinic. If you have chosen micro-ring or keratin hair extensions, one set of extensions can last up to more than 5 months, before they are removed safely.

If you still haven’t decided whether clip in hairs are right for you or not, here is the list of advantages and disadvantages to help you out.

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Add fullness and lustre to your limp hair

If you have fine hair, you know it’s impossible to add lasting volume to your natural hair. All the expensive hair products care and vigorous combing won’t give you the desired density to your hair. In short, it is all for nothing; you are back to square one from where you have started. These can solve your problems and gives a long term solution for your flat and thin hair by thickening out the strands and giving you the fullness that you have been looking for.

Long Lasting

This with good care can last up to 4 to 5 months. After that, either you can remove them or get it coloured, hence re-using the extensions again. It helps in reducing significant cost and time. With proper care, your product can last around a year.


Versatility is the main factor why so many women are opting for hair extensions. Is it colourful hair you want? Or voluminous hair is your dream? Everything is possible with hair extensions which seamlessly integrate your natural hair giving you beautiful appearance. These come in many colour, length and texture, letting you experiment with various hairstyles.


High maintenance

Hair extensions made of human hair show the signs of wear and tear quickly. Therefore taking care of the extensions is necessary in order to increase the longevity of it.


Most of the time its like tape-in or clip-in extensions are noticeable. However, you can avoid this by availing for permanent hair extensions which are rather an expensive affair.

Damage your natural hair

If you leave the hair extension for a long time, it can hamper the growth of your natural hair. Regular appointments with the hair stylist and high maintenance are necessary to avoid this issue.

Hair extensions Cost and Services

The cost of it depends on the type of hair and density you want. You can buy both types of human and synthetic hair extension. While synthetic hair extensions are relatively cheaper than human hair one, the latter is more durable as well as natural. In order to get the best extensions at affordable price chose the most appropriate method and hair stylist for the procedure. There are many types of hair extensions methods of integrating hair system in your natural hair. They are

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