What to Know About Hair Extensions

There are so many hair extensions available in the market; it’s quite confusing for anyone to choose the perfect one. There are two types of hair extensions in Delhi which are differentiated on the basis the method of installation. The first one is permanent hair extensions, as the name suggests one cannot take it out with the help of the experts and stays on your head for months. It is best for the people who are suffering from hair loss issues and are looking for an affordable way to conceal thin hair. With permanent extensions, you can say goodbye to your insecurities and hello to new and confident looks. The most common techniques used are hair weaving, bonding, and fusion.

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If you are not interested in permanent hair extensions in gurgaon, then you can opt for clip-in extensions. It is the best way to change hairstyle instantly by wearing extensions without damaging your own hair. Whatever the reason for wearing hair extensions, transforming short hair to long and adding density to get thick braid, has never been so easy. Now you can effectively play with your look with different hairstyles every day. There are some much know hacks that you should know so that you can become from hair extensions newbie to pro.

Braid the short hair

For people who are not blessed with naturally long hair, wearing extensions is a means to achieve that long luscious hair. But while wearing extensions you want it to blend perfectly with your natural hair. Usually, girls with long hair wear extensions to add more density, but for people with short hair, it can be a little problematic. Your short hair can peek through the extensions making it evident that you have extensions clipped on. In order to get rid of this problem, you can gather the short hair in the nape of your neck and braid them. Now pin the braid over the head and secure it with bobby pins. Clip in your extensions from where you have secured the braids once, you can let your hair down now. The results will be natural looking hair without any pesky short hairs.

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Backcomb your roots

For people with hair extensions, combing can be a problem to solve the tangles of the hair. It is suggested to backcomb your hair from the roots to prevent the wefts from sippling, especially for people with thin hair. While brushing, remember they are hair extension, not your real hair which can be easily damaged if not taken care of properly. Brush your extensions gently to reduce breaking and shedding.

Store extensions properly

Storing extensions are necessary in order to prolong the lifespan of the hair wefts. While preparing for it for storage, gather all the tresses together and backcomb them from bottom to the top slowly. If you come across any knot, then don’t lose patience, take out individual strands and brush the tangles. One you have bushed your extension, secure the hair with a tie. Then place the extensions in the box.

See The Video Reference for How Hair Extensions Work

In These Videos We have shown all types of hair extensions. for having an good idea about hair extensions watch videos..

Prevent tangling

All types of hair extensions like synthetic hair and human hair extensions may tangle, it is quite normal. It happens due to the mixing of your natural hair with the extensions, creating knots. The best way to avoid tangle is to keep brushing it timely and always carry a hairbrush with you so that you can give your hair a quick styling.

Use the right brush

Brushing hair with hair extensions can be a tricky job. Recommendation is not to use traditional brushes as it can pull the hairs from the root. This is not only uncomfortable but also undoes the work you have put in to clip in the extensions. Use brushes specially made for brushing the extensions with a nylon tip, designed in such a way it doesn’t pull, snag or damage your weft.

Reduce shedding

On an average natural hair shed at 100 strands in a day. Since hair extensions are also made from natural hair, shedding is something you should expect. Washing your hair extensions can cause them to shed. The best way to minimise the shedding is to use minimal products while hair styling. Your extensions will live a long and healthy life if you don’t use styling products on them.

Washing hair extensions

The extensions don’t require much washing as much as our own hair. The less you will wash your extensions, the more it will last. You should wash your extensions after every 15 wears. Since the hair extensions don’t get ingredients to keep them healthy like natural hair, therefore make sure they are adequately dehydrated, nourished and moisturised. It will ensure your hair wefts are healthy looking.

Pre-curl your extensions before the event

If you want to have a perfectly styled hair day, then it is the hack you should follow. Roll up the curls with rollers, pin them and leave it for overnight. Next day you can unravel the beautiful curls when you are ready to wear extensions. You can also use hair spray to make them last much longer. Whether you are getting ready for a wedding or another event, this hack will come in handy.

The Information is all about hair extensions for ladies who are having short hairs or thin hairs but if you are looking for solution like hair weaving in chennai or hair wigs in chennai area then visit Premium Hair Solution in Chennai.

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