Hair Bonding Vs Hair Fixing: What You Need To Consider

Hair Bonding Vs Hair Fixing

Today we gonna discuss on a topic named Hair Bonding Vs Hair Fixing. As these both methods are a part of Artficial Hair Integration means adding the sythetic hairs to the natural one existing hairs.

Hair loss has been the primary concern of the people. Desperate people have searched and gone through many medical treatments to get rid of this problem. Hair loss can be permanent like in case of male and female pattern baldness. It can be temporary also in case of hormonal imbalances, dietary issues, and more.

Hair loss causes thinning of hair as well as baldness. In order to hide them, many people are searching for various methods and treatments. The most famous and widely techniques are hair bonding and hair fixing which helps to conceal the thin hair with the integration of artificial hair. For people who are suffering from temporary hair fall and needs a quick fix can chose these hair restoration treatments. These are two common non-surgical hair replacement techniques and are quite affordable. Individuals who don’t have money for hair transplant can choose this next best alternative designed to give you a head full of hair in no time.

Basic Difference of Hair Bonding Vs Hair Fixing

Hair Bonding

hair bonding

Hair Patches are associated with your head from numerous points of view and include gluing, tubing, sewing, and clipping. It is hard work but will allow you to have thicker and more beautiful hair. Opt for this technique and look like a movie star every day.

This method is also referred to as artificial hair integration. It is the best way to add fullness and length to your hair with hiring your own hair in the process. Hair bonding involves the use of hair extensions in delhi from another person’s hair or synthetic strands which are attached to the existing hair to fulfil the need of hair on the bald section of the scalp. It is a permanent way of attaching hair extensions which can last up to 5 months with proper care. Women generally opt for this technique who doesn’t want to get in the everyday hassle of attaching clip in hair extensions. It takes 2 hours for its application and then you are free to carry on with your regular day activities like shampooing, curling, conditioning, bathing, swimming and so on.

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In the hair bonding process, custom hair system is incorporated to the scalp with the help of glue and heat. It includes shaving of the less hair zones where hair extensions are to be attached. It is also called the fusion technique. The cold fusion process is popular to stick the extensions to your hair with any harm caused by heat. The extensions attached to your hair cannot be reused again.

Hair Fixing

hair fixing

It is another non-surgical and medically proven technique opted by many people around the country. Hair fixing is a low-cost process which gives desired flexibility to the person. Apart from being a safe procedure, it ensures a 100 per cent outward flow of the hair. You can achieve amazing volume with this method. An individual can continue to grow their hair in addition to the hair fixing. This method is a quick and painless way of incorporating artificial hair into your real hair. This is how we differentiate hair bonding vs hair fixing

It is an application for both men and women to conceal their hair loss issues. Also, you can get the style you have always wished for this technique. Since no surgery is involved, there is no need for you to take any medication. You can comb, oil and shampoo your hair with no difficulty. It is a carefree option for people. Hair fixing needs more maintenance than hair bonding. You have to be careful while washing your hair as too much pressure can pull the hair system. Also, you need to visit a hair salon for extra care.

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Individuals who favour not to remove hair toupees, the base choice being the equivalent choose this more comfort technique with fewer management issues. You should visit a hair clinic frequently for subsequent services where the glue is strengthened every second month relying upon how much the sweat. These individuals are likewise given an alternative of purchasing the silicone gel independently for home use.

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