3 Things Everyone Knows About Hair Weaving Vs Hair Bonding That You Don’t

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Hair Weaving vs Hair Bonding

“Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be” rightly said mantra that one should keep in mind. Nowadays many young individuals are dealing with hair and don’t know what to do about. If you are like any other person stressed with the hair loss problems, then try hair weaving in delhi and bonding method as a system of non surgical hair replacement.

These are the famous methods that have been from the days of yore with many famed celebrities has been seen with the hairdo. Hair weaving and bonding are hair extensions methods which are referred to the integration of artificial hair or hair replacement system used to alter the hairstyle. There are common techniques which are used by hair experts to restore the glory of your natural hair. Other than hiding hair fall problems, they are also used to change the appearance of the hair by adding length, volume and style to your real hair.


Hair Weaving

In this procedure, hair experts add additional hair made from human hair remy through braiding weaving. The process is also known as hair integration where strands are woven to the root of the natural hair so that your real hair grows naturally giving you a stunning looking hairstyle. This method of weaving is all about the mixing people’s natural hair with the custom made hair system to give an illusion of thick and undetectable hair. It is a meticulous technique which takes time and effort which is performed by the expert hair professionals. It is a rewarding and affordable method which many people are opting in order to get dense hair while effectively hiding the hair loss.

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The tracks are prepared using cornrows in which braids are woven in the direction of the hair; it; it can be towards your face or away from it, the tracks are the primary foundation of how your hair will look. Then the wefts which are usually made from human hair (you can also pick synthetic hair depending upon your preference) are sewn into the braids with a needle. The thread used in the process is of different colours which resemble your original hair. Any area of the scalp with less hair can be woven with additional hair. The dark hair colour call for the dark thread that matches perfectly with your tresses. One point to be noted – the method requires a high level of expertise as if the hair braided tightly putting pressure on your scalp, the customer is at risk of track alopecia.

Who are suitable candidates for hair weaving?

  • It can be performed on any person irrespective of their gender.
  • People with fine hair texture should refrain from using this technique.
  • Also, if you are suffering from a medical condition like carcinoma and high blood pressure, and kidney diseases, should not use opt for hair weaving.

Since there is no surgery is involved, you don’t need to take any medication. Plus you can get over with weaving in one sitting within a few hours. The hair can be combed, shampooed, conditioned and oiled like your original hair. After the completion of the weaving, you can go back to your normal daily immediately.

Hair Bonding

Numerous medical treatments can help you get back your tresses to their original form; hair bonding is one of them. Hair bonding in delhi is another non-surgical method of hair restoration, considered a great way to add volume and colour streaks to one’s hair. It is a sub-type of the hair weaving process, in which instead of using weaving. The additional hair system is integrated with the natural hair using adhesive glue. The wefts of the hair are glued with special skin-friendly glue. The tracks are removed after two weeks to prevent further damage to the hair. It is a temporary method of hair weaving.

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Another technique used in bonding is called silicon bond. It is a permanent way to fix hair with the help of hair extensions in which experts first measure the bald areas and then shave the bald region. The expert will affix a hair system with the assistance of silicon metal bond. It stays well on the head for a month in which you can do all activities including washing, shampooing, driving, swimming, combing and so on. Hair bonding is a lithe approach to restoration of the hair providing you with most gorgeous hair ever.

Advantages of Hair Bonding

  • It provides flexibility to the individual in terms of styling.
  • Another method to change your appearance for a short period of time without harming your hair
  • Low-cost procedure, therefore anyone can opt for it.
  • Both the methods are medically proven
  • Provides outwards flow of the hair
  • You can also grow your natural hair with no bounds
  • Hair system can be integrated into any type of hair texture
  • Applicable to both women and men

So finally these are the main difference between hair weaving & hair bonding. To see the exact result you must have to watch some videos to understand what these procedures are. Subscribe to our youtube channel to watch more videos subscribe us.

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